It's that time again; the New Year / Christmas Party Season of going out, seeing mates, meeting mates-of-mates [dem mututals 🙌], starting afresh & setting ya goals for 2019. Time for a refresh, a revamp, a fresh start - or maybe none of those things and you'll just carry on being you & smashing life exactly as you are. Time moves on regardless.

Call me a cliché [let's face it, I've been called worse!] but I do like to see the New Year as a fresh start to a book that's still unwritten [am I Natasha Bedingfield? Has that solved the mystery of where she vanished to, is she actually just me?] - in all respects. I like to set myself goals for the year [even though 99% of the time I never come anywhere near close to finishing them] & lists of things I'd like to do. Places I'd like to see & breaks I'd like to book. 

Not pure chores necessarily, or unrealistic fitness / savings goals that are proper harsh; but like - stuff such as small debts I'd like to pay off, changes to my lifestyle I could [possibly] make [if I can be arsed], friends I'd like to see more of, TV shows I'd like to watch. Yeno; general cheesy stuff

This year is the first New Year in like what... since 2013 or something [I never even counted years or anniversaries rly, is that bad 😂] that I've been single for it. So it's a bit new, a bit different and I guess... a bit exciting 🥂

What are my plans? Hmm, I dunno so far rly. I know I definitely want to spend as much time with my friends and meeting new people as physically possible in 2019. I wanna get a trillion snaps [yes, very much for Instagram purposes] of my experiences - good and bad, and all the people, places and moods associated with each and every day. 

I wanna make an effort with my appearance instead of looking like a miserable old potato / sack of sh*te  & get some bangin' profile pics for my socials and any dating profiles I decide to set up, keep or use [I actually quite enjoy apps such as Bumble and Tinder for chatting and making mates with people tbh] - mostly to ensure these spaces on the web represent me. Cos I've taken about 90,000 product photos and flatlays in 2018... but much less when it comes to capturing moments with friends & family.

I'm in no rush whatsoever to get in any form of relationship; I love being single way too much. But I do enjoy male banter and meeting new people, so the New Year will definitely contain a few doses of that.

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I'm going to pay my outstanding direct debit [at some point, let's not get too hasty like] and rejoin the gym; which I know everyone does at New Year; but I've been doing more exercise recently & I'm getting my fitness back / feeling less like death walking back from the petrol station down the road, and I LIKE IT. 

I've just passed the one year mark of having my new hip put in - and in March 2019 it'll be 12 months since I started learning to walk unaided again; so I want to be able to look back in pride at how far I've come.

I'm going to really push my own business and get as much work done as I can. My job doesn't feel like a job anymore, because I'm enjoying what I'm doing; and that's such a great feeling. But this can also be a bit dangerous, as I can forget to motivate myself some days... and as my own boss, wholly responsible for everything, I need to ensure I have a firm handle on this.

I'm 100% heading back to Zante this year. I absolutely fell in love with it this year, when Sarah and I visited for my 30th - the Greek islands are my happy place & I count down every second I have in these feeble wintery climates till I can dip me toes in the ocean and frolic in the sand. 

I also want to keep up some kind of charity aspect to my life; I've been donating BAGS of stuff via my Office Space to the Whitechapel Centre in Liverpool this winter [who help homeless people and those in sheltered accommodation / hostels] and I like the feeling of being able to help others & really make a difference in this way. I might try and join some fundraisers or just start taking more bags of stuff there myself on a more regular basis. Cos it's just nice to be nice.

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Though I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas, I do enjoy all the social opportunities & fresh starts this time of the calendar brings about; and 2019 is a big one for me. It's big in terms of my health, my finances, my new business, my new single status and my outlook on life - I'm very excited right now. 

What are you planning on changing up in 2019 / the New Year? Your job, your lifestyle, your relationship status - or perhaps nothing at all; you're good as you are? If you're single and looking to change that with a little Lincolnshire dating then that link might help you on ya way. Otherwise - as you were xo
*Collaborative post, all opinions etc are my own tho xo
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